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Let’s be honest, we ALL rush into the New Year with good intentions, but missteps are practically inevitable; months, weeks, or even days later.

A recent study found that by January 19th, most New Year’s resolutions have failed…. And even if you make it to the end of January, 92% fail throughout February!

1 out of ten women

9 out of 10 people

who will be stuck facing this same predicament this time next year....

so why does this happen?

So forget about your resolutions because choosing to invest in a balanced LIFE– not just a healthy month– is the best decision you’ll ever make.


more in


has been created to provide women with a better way to tackle their health and fitness goals that will achieve life-changing, life-lasting results!

By the time you finish you will be shocked by not just how much your body has changed, but your mindset and lifestyle as well.



Stage 1

We will kick things off by identifying what has been holding you back from reaching your goals in the past. These may be emotional, physical or psychological barriers that you need to break free from. We will set you small, manageable and realistic goals and daily habits to set you up with a foundational framework for the rest of your Empower program.


Stage 2

Time to deep dive into your specific barriers and struggles. Now the foundations are in place, we will be able to work closely together to develop strategies and techniques to overcome these challenges for good. Understanding these problems on a deeper level and getting to the root cause will enable us to figure out what needs to be implemented for YOU, that will result in long-term results!


Stage 3

By this point trust would’ve been built between us, we will have a much closer relationship and we will have a clear understanding of what we need to change and/or implement to ensure you reach your goals.  It takes 21-66 days to establish a new habit; so the hardest part is already done! You have a routine that works for you; and results are really starting to show. Now it’s time to take things up a notch, the focus will switch to your big overall goals and we will begin implementing what is needed to reach them.


Stage 4

This is all about consistency over perfection. The focus will be on being 1% better everyday. As your physical transformation begins to show, this is where it is imperative to focus on your overall mental fortitude and perseverance. Life happens and things come up which might knock you off track; but the most important thing is to bounce straight back and refuse to give up. We know exactly how to overcome your struggles now so our accountability and support, combined with the strategies we’ve established to break your barriers, is guaranteed to keep you on track to your end goal.


Stage 5

Your daily habits and healthy routines don’t just feel easy at this point – they will be enjoyable and you will really start to see how it enhances so many other areas of your life! So now it’s about reflecting on how far you’ve come and making a shorter term strategy to double down and ensure the final stages of your coaching journey are truly life-changing. We want you to finish the ACHIEVE MORE IN ’24 program knowing that this was the best decision you ever made – and we are here to prove to you that your life-changing transformation is truly possible!


Stage 6

The final month is about putting the cherry on top of the cake; pushing you beyond what you thought was possible to achieve. We will provide you with the knowledge and tools to not only sustain your results but to continue making progress long after your coaching journey has ended. We genuinely want you to achieve your goals just as much if not more than you do; and we will be by your side cheering for you every step of the way

By the time you've truly achieved more in '24, your current barriers and limitation will be a thing of the past and you'll emerge with:

We promise you will be so proud that you started this journey and these 6 months will truly change your life forever!