Get the guidance, support and motivation you need to transform over the cooler months and EMERGE as the best you, next summer!

Why do you need to 


If you’re reading this right now, then that can only mean one thing; you have a desire to be better.

Now, ‘better’ can mean a lot of things.

Maybe you want to look better, healthier, stronger.

Maybe you want to feel your best, feel confident, feel alive, feel new.

Ultimately, you want to look ahead and see a transformation. Whatever your motivation and desire may be, you need to EMERGE. From where you are now. From how you are now. From who you are now.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve helped 1000’s of women across the years achieve many different health and fitness goals. Above all though, this one truth persists and underpins all their journeys. They have all wanted to EMERGE from an existing state, to something better.

Get ready to find out how we can make that possible for you!
Get ready to find out how we can make that possible for you!


This program is going to reveal exactly how to build a toned and stunning body without going to the gym 6 days a week or starving yourself with 1200 calories. This program is not just some cookie-cutter plan to help you lose weight. It’s a handcrafted personalised service that will teach you skills to reach and exceed your fitness goals, and MOST importantly learn how to maintain the results!

Imagine this...


Month 1-3

You'll start to feel 'it'

Introduction to one of Empower’s core values; ‘we’re here to play the long game! It’s not about perfection, it’s about consistency.’
– We will begin establishing healthy habits and routines that suit YOU
– Begin with a basic education regarding flexible dieting
– Set realistic goals and draft a plan forward

Month 3-4

You'll start to see 'it'

This is where you begin to truly understand what consistency means. You will be able to see that one bad week isn’t going to undo 4 months of work.
– This will be the heavy education phase and diving into what is specifically relevant for you to learn.
– Time to practice your flexible dieting over the festive season and identify what needs to be tweaked for you
– My Fitness Pal tuition to track and navigate your everyday life events
– Introduce stress management techniques and the role of exercise and nutrition

Month 4-6

You'll start to live 'it'

This is your time to shine! Progress will be fast and this will be your time to master what you’ve learnt so far!
– Working with us to fine-tune the elements of your program that we can continue to refine and improve.
– Habit and routine assessment to determine what can go the distance! It’s time to set long-term goals
– Strengthening your mindset to make sure your progress lasts
– You know what to do and how to do it, now it’s about the grind to EMERGE before the summer as the best you!

And so much more over the months ahead of us!

If you’re sick and tired of not getting results, not knowing where to start, struggling to take control of your nutrition, or you need help exercising in a way that suits you and your goals, let us show you why EMERGE is perfect for you.

Is this really


Now you’re probably thinking:  This sounds great but … What’s the catch?

Well, here it is;

If you…

Then EMERGE simply isn’t for you.

BUT, if you…

Joining EMERGE is the BEST thing you can do for yourself right now!



This is how Emerge will get you the results you truly want with the correct:


Gone are the days of eating bland, boring and repetitive meals to chase your dream figure. We believe in balance and incorporating all your favourite foods, because if you love what you’re eating while working with us then it’ll stick long-term! We want to show you that you can eat chocolate, pasta, pancakes and bread every day and still achieve amazing results! As it’s 100% made for YOU, meal plans will also be sensitive to any allergies or dietary restrictions, budget, and time you want to spend preparing meals.

Emma enjoying her homemade pizza
Emma working out


EMERGE is definitely not some ridiculous program where you will be expected to train 7 days a week, doing a ton of cardio, or squatting more than you weigh in your first gym session! We look at your lifestyle, time commitments, experience level, equipment available to you, and whether you will be training at home or in the gym to formulate a plan that works for you. We will work together to establish healthy habits and daily practices throughout the program that become second nature and last a lifetime.

What makes

emerge with Empower


Glad you asked!
There are a couple of things to go over to help you better understand how to get the most out of your investment:



Our all-in-one app has an exclusive messaging feature available! This means that you can be in contact with us as much as you would like! Have a question about a specific exercise technique? Getting tired of the meal plan? Struggling to stay motivated? We’re here to support you with any concern or struggle you could possibly imagine throughout your journey.

We know we’ve mentioned “program” or “plan” a lot but for us at Empower, we really treat it as a mentorship. When our clients win, we win. We genuinely want the best for each and every woman that joins and put their trust in us!



Personalisation is hugely influential on the success our clients achieve. This needs to be underlined: everything about your EMERGE program will be personalised to you! 

What this practically means is:



From years of experience, it’s become obvious that successful results are only achieved from a program that integrates perfectly with the client’s lifestyle. Joining Emerge will not mean sacrificing your social life! Quite the opposite. This is an opportunity to learn how to embrace everyday life whilst achieving the transformation you dream of!

Don’t just hear it from us!

Are you ready to


And invest in your healt?

If you want to create a real, life-long transformation, you have to want to invest in yourself.

You see, making an investment in yourself shifts your focus, and finally, your results become meaningful to you. It gets your foot in the door towards building the body of your dreams.

Now, we’re not asking you for your firstborn child here! We’re inviting you to make a commitment to yourself. The EMERGE program will deliver a remarkable transformation for you and teach you the healthy habits to maintain it. 

All you need to do is show up and trust the process.

What we’re going to accomplish in the next 6 months…

Is something I wish for everyone who wants to build their dream body and mindset to match.


The question is – are you ready?



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