My top 6 fitness, health and wellness podcasts

If you know me personally, you’ll know that I am an exhibit of a ‘Type A personality’. I thrive off of being busy and working hard, I feel guilty if I ever procrastinate or if I’m slightly unproductive and I’m very sensitive to time (I like to get things done yesterday).

Although this can be a very high stress inducing personality trait with many downsides, fortunately it does mean I’m very proactive, time efficient and productive.

You’re probably thinking ‘how does this have anything to do with podcasts though?’…

Since I am very conscious of time and I like to multi-task wherever possible, this has exposed me to the *magic* of listening to podcasts to fill the silence when I’m doing something else.

I started listening to podcasts about a year and a half ago, and since, they have become an integral part of my daily routine. I will listen to podcasts while I’m doing my make-up, cooking, commuting, walking, cleaning – literally if there is a silence that I can cram some information into my brain then I will (yep I’m an absolute nerd). It actually feels a bit strange now to not having someone chatting away whilst I’m doing something.

The benefits of listening to podcasts.

Considering they’re free to listen to, I’m so grateful for the wealth of information that I have learned from podcasts. For me personally, they’ve been the most powerful educational tool as I learn best through audio anyway. It has also made me become so much more fascinated by subjects I was never interested in previously. For example, a lot of the health and fitness podcasts I listen to will often interview doctors, researchers or specialists in fields such as epigenetics, the microbiome, brain health, sleep and psychology. Sometimes I’ll find myself explaining something extremely complex regarding the anatomy of the brain which I’ve unconsciously memorised from a podcast (and I definitely do not study neuroanatomy at uni so it must be the podcasts).

Also, I don’t watch or read the news so I often hear about current events and recent news stories through podcasts; which has made me more culturally aware of what’s going on in the world with politics, religion and technological advances.

All in all, I genuinely believe just one year of listening to podcasts has made me significantly more educated and knowledgeable on so many topics… and considering I’m gaining all this knowledge whilst multi-tasking and getting other stuff done, it’s a win-win situation!

I would highly recommend everyone to listen to them (even if it is just to fill the silence when you’re doing the washing up!)

My 6 favourite podcasts.

I thought I would list my favourite podcasts to give you a good place to start! These podcasts are primarily fitness, nutrition and health related; but a lot of the time they do also cover a magnitude of other topics.

However, if you’re not all that interested in health/fitness topics, I can bet you there is a podcast show out there on pretty much everything; so I’m positive you’ll find something you’ll want to listen to! 1. MIND PUMP

This was one of the first podcasts I listened to and it is my all time favourite. Mind Pump has become a regular facet of my day-to-day routine and I genuinely feel like these guys are my best-friends hahaha (seriously though I think I spend more time listening to them on a daily basis than anyone else!)

The trio of hosts; Sal, Adam and Justin, have all dedicated so much time to learning the ins and outs of health – and they manage to deliver intellectual, comprehensive and diverse knowledge all whilst being absolutely hilarious (not many things can make me actually laugh out loud in public).

They focus on what actually works and advocate a balanced approach to health and fitness. Through combining miscellaneous conversation, fitness tips and paradigm shattering exercise and nutrition information, they have crafted the most entertaining and informative podcast show out there (for me personally anyway).

This podcast has added a huge amount of positivity and an abundance of information to my life in all things nutrition, fitness, mental health, mindset, relationships and more. Shawn (the host) shares a myriad of topics backed up by studies and academic research which he breaks down in an understandable and comprehensive way. He circles back with detailed information so that we can make tangible changes in our lives to improve our health.

He’s also the author of a book called ‘Sleep Smarter’ (which I highly recommend) which has genuinely transformed the way I value the importance of sleep.

Shawn is so genuine and authentically passionate about his work; and it’s inspiring to listen to someone who cares so deeply about helping other people make a positive change in their lives. After listening to an episode, I always feel so motivated and empowered to make the best choices and keep living a balanced healthy lifestyle.

If you’re familiar with the top athletes within the bodybuilding industry, then you would’ve probably heard of Ben Pakulski. However, contrary to what I initially expected his podcast to be about *bro science, steroids and body building tips*, it’s actually extremely intelligent and scientific with clear take-home messages and tips to incorporate to become a better version of ourselves.

Ben often interviews guests including nutritionists, geneticists, medical doctors, endocrinologists and other leaders within the world of fitness, science and health. They review the most recent evidenced based research and dive deep into the body’s response mechanisms to diet, exercise and mindful practices; so that we get a comprehensive understanding of how to actually use the findings from the latest research.

Also, Ben is a huge advocate of progressing your mind and head-space as well as your physical body. Many of the episodes focus on internal health and bettering yourself mentally through meditation, mindfulness and positive thinking.

I’m a huge fan of Sarah’s Day (insta handle: @sarahs_day). I absolutely LOVE her YouTube videos as she is the ultimate ‘listen to your body’ enthusiast, and she’s probably the healthiest, happiest and most energetic ‘social media influencer’ I follow.

So of course, when her and her boyfriend started a podcast, I was probably one of the first to download and listen to it! They both have a very holistic and balanced approach to fitness, which is so refreshing to see when a lot of time we’re bombarded with 24/7 fitness fanatics hitting it HARD all day every day.

They talk about healthy food, motivation, relationships, balancing work and ‘fun’, incorporating fitness into everyday life and so much more. Also, their dynamic relationship and the lighthearted and humored approach they adopt makes it really entertaining and relatable to listen to. I love the energy and positivity these two bring.

Brian gives a constant stream of good information which is clear and concise as he delivers it in a candid, conversational nature. All episodes are interesting and diverse as he often explores a number of topics from fitness to mindset, general life advice to myth busting and personal experiences.

There is little reference to studies, which I actually really like as he uses his anecdotal and personal accounts to deliver information; and considering he has an extensive knowledge within this field, you can definitely trust him! His genuine and passionate approach is motivating to listen to; and he answers the general questions that we all want to know the answers to!

The host of this podcast is someone I have followed on Instagram for years now. Her Instagram handle is @uhnonee (used to be @thetinytank) and she’s just a very genuine, relatable 20 something year old girl who is into fitness, health and she’s also very interesting and intelligent to listen to.

Her podcast is all about the difficulties of growing up and becoming an ‘adult’; and she touches on topics such as diversity, feminism, friendships, love, sex, finance and so much more! If you’re interested in listening to interesting debates, hilarious conversations and fresh perspectives on general ‘growing up’ with mind opening opinions, then this one is definitely worth a listen!

My favourite podcasts on this show so far are definitely #4 ‘female friendships ft. Gracefituk’ and #6 ‘Love, sex and being single with Lucy Vine’ (both V. funny!).

Let me know if you have a listen to any of the above – and I’d love to hear from you if you have any podcasts you want to recommend to me!

– Emma x

Emma Doherty

Emma Doherty

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