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Frequently asked questions

The price is dependent on your goals and how long your Empower journey will be. Fill out the super short enquiry form on my website for us to contact you and discuss your goals! It only takes 2 minutes!

We have a minimum commitment period of 3 months, but your Empower journey can last as long as you would like it to!

Yes! We currently work with women of all ages, background, locations and goals! We have also recently launched ‘Empower Him’ for any males wanting to work with Emma on their health, fitness and mindset goals!

We currently work with women all across the globe! Because we operate solely online, there are no locational barriers as we are able to work with you regardless of the time difference.

You will speak to one of our amazing team members who work with Emma to help handle the enquiries. This is to allow Emma to focus on her clients and maximise the time she can give to them!

You will receive your plans on your start date, which will also be your first payment date. This is providing that you have completed the questionnaire, and uploaded your starting pictures and measurements into the app!

As soon as you have completed your questionnaire you can access the app. Download the ‘Empower Online Coaching’ app and sign in using the password you created in the questionnaire.

Of course! We have a private Empower Facebook Group filled with the loveliest and most supportive ladies! The Empower Community is amazing!

Absolutely! We can create you a plan to your preferred location, and to fit around your schedule and lifestyle!

UP TO YOU! We will create you a plan including as much, or as little equipment as you’d like. However, we would recommend investing in some basic weights and resistance bands.

Yes! We cater to a range of dietary restrictions and preferences including vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.

Your Meal Plan is full of recipes, with a variety for each meal of the day. You can request meal changes, swaps and additions on your check-in days to keep the selection updated and ensure you always have new tasty recipes to try! You are also welcome to track your own food to the macros Emma sets you, to allow you to eat meals of your own choice.

Emma will always try to include meals and recipes that you will love! You will complete a questionnaire when you sign up where you can tell us the foods and meals you like to eat, as well as providing a food diary. Emma will use this as a base when creating your plan, although please remember that maintaining the same diet as you are used to may not always be possible, depending on your goals.

All supplements are completely optional! The only supplement you will find routinely incorporated in your meal plan is protein powder, BUT you can let us know if you would prefer to not have this included.

Staying on track is paramount for progress! If you are new to tracking calories and macros, we recommend sticking to the meal plan provided until you are more confident to ensure you are sticking to your nutritional targets, whilst we help to educate you on how to track your own meals.

No not at all! So long as you are meeting your nutritional targets you won’t be disadvantaged. Just be sure you are selecting the correct entries and tracking to your recommended macros.

Yes! So if you want to cook in bulk, or for multiple people, just times it by how many portions you would like to make!

You check in via the ‘Empower Online Coaching’ app where your progress is tracked, logged and monitored by Emma. The check in process is approached holistically, taking an overview of your health, mood, sleep and menstrual cycle, as well as your weight, pictures and measurements. The more detailed information you provide, the better we can help you and make the correct adjustments.

Frequently asked questions