No, your training will be based around your equipment available, whether that be bodyweight home workouts or a combination of both gym and home workouts. Whatever works best for you.
All of your activities including step count can also be linked to your Empower coaching app for the most accurate results!

Yes, 4 months is the minimum amount of time to not only see results sustainably, but have the confidence and tools to then continue as a lifestyle knowing what works for you.

Yes. All preferences and dietary requirements are taken into account and followed when planning your meal plans. Ingredients, instructions and your calories and macros will all be calculated for you.
We will make sure all of your meal plans include the foods you love!


You can pay monthly or upfront for your coaching package.

All the coaching is on the Empower Coaching app. Check ins are weekly and done through a check in form, photos, measurements or scales, however you prefer to be held accountable and have support and praise. Plans will then be tweaked and altered to make sure you are making the most progress and happy with your week ahead.
Emma will oversee all coaching but you will also be assigned an assistant expert coach from Team Empower who will specialise in your goals – she is there to enhance your coaching with Emma and to ensure you are getting the best response and support with your bespoke plans. You will always be aware who you are speaking with on the app.

Prices will vary depending on your package length, goals and spots available. Your coaching subscription will be no more than the equivalent of a Costa coffee a day. Remember why you applied to invest and be the best version of yourself.