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Emma Doherty

Me as your coach

I don’t just want to help you achieve your dream body, I want to help you achieve the dream MINDSET which will enable you to benefit from long term success. The fitness industry is saturated with online coaches, training programmes and e-books all promising to get you the ‘perfect’ body in as little as 10 weeks. My online coaching programme is not a ‘fast track ticket’, nor is it a quick fix for results. Instead, my online coaching is focused on developing a healthy relationship with food, understanding the key principles of training and nutrition, implementing daily habits and sustainable lifestyle changes and learning to love yourself first!

Me as your coach

I love anything health, fitness and beauty. My journey as a client has inspired me now to help you. After I redirected my career, I decided to restudy a level 4 nutrition and weight management course and the best decision I have ever made to work with Emma. Now, all I want to do is help as many females as possible to support their transformation.

We are both so excited to help more of you unlock your full potential, STOP the fad diets and receive the holistic tailored coaching you need to achieve your dream body AND mindset.




Online coaching

I ‘ve cultivated my passion into helping women worldwide unlock their true self worth and achieve their dream mindset