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Do you feel like you’re getting nowhere with your weight loss journey? Like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t stop falling into the same old cycle of yo-yo diets and binge eating?

I know how

you feel!


My whole life, I struggled with weight and self-image issues. At school, I was known as the “fat kid”. I got bullied and suffered in silence with an eating disorder for many years. I tried every fad and quick-fix diet in the book. And none of it made me feel better about myself.

It wasn’t until I realised that fitness should be about loving your body, not hating it, that I started making real, positive change.

I realised that, yes, you can have balance. You can eat the things you love and still be healthy. Physically and mentally. And that your journey starts with kindness. Not judgement.

That’s why I started Empower. To help women avoid the mistakes I made. To stop swinging from one extreme to the other. To discover that a sustained, healthy lifestyle can actually be easy. Effortless. Even fun!




Rosa has worked within the fitness industry for six years and is passionate about helping women feel confident within themselves!
Rosa is a supportive coach and Team Leader & believes that your coaching journey should be enjoyable and sustainable! She enjoys helping busy women get into a solid schedule and healthy routine while still being able to enjoy life. With experience working with women in person and online, Rosa will support you at every step of your journey toward your fitness goals!
Rosa has an honours degree in Sports & Exercise Science and six years of experience coaching women in the gym and online.

“I love being a part of Team Empower because working alongside like-minded women who all have the same goal – to EMPOWER women to reach their full potential, is so rewarding.”


Like most, lockdown was a dark yet pivotal time for Beth. She found herself hit rock bottom and decided to make a change!! After being both overweight & underweight – she wanted to break the cycle once and for all. As soon as restrictions were lifted, she joined a gym  and discovered bodybuilding – from here, her life exceeded all expectations! She went on to complete her Level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 5 Nutrition course and in doing so, has now made it her mission to help women in similar circumstances break free from these cycles and gain confidence in themselves again!


Flo has been working with Empower since February 2022 but has been passionately involved in fitness coaching for the past 9 years. Flo was awarded her Honours Degree in Sports and Exercises Science at Cardiff Metropolitan University, where she specialised in Sport Psychology and Physiology and how these can be adapted through nutrition and exercises. During her time in Cardiff, she qualified as a Personal Trainer, as well as assisting the coaching of her university Cheerleading squad to Nationals!
Flo is positive, friendly and thrives when helping women achieve their goals, feel better in themselves, and build better relationships with food and exercise.


Holly has a Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science and has also completed accredited courses in Nutrition for Women Across the Lifespan and Mental Health First Aid. Her love for sport began from an early age through her Gymnastics, but studying the science behind sports at University has made it her passion!
Her approach to coaching is built upon kindness, integrity, and trust so that you feel safe and supported in your journey! She loves being part of Empower because she loves being able to help others push their limits and achieve their full potential!

A fun fact about Holly is she has climbed Kilimanjaro!


With over 4 years of experience in the health, fitness and nutrition industry Imogen truly has a passion for helping females across the world to fall in love with their health and fitness journey whilst achieving the results they have always wanted to! Imogen finds so much fulfillment in helping females to build confidence, unlock their true potential and helping them to transform into the best version of themselves. She is truly your own personal trainer AND biggest supporter, all in one!


With over 4 years of experience in the health, fitness and nutrition industry Imogen truly has a passion for helping females across the world to fall in love with their health and fitness journey whilst achieving the results they have always wanted to! Imogen finds so much fulfillment in helping females to build confidence, unlock their true potential and helping them to transform into the best version of themselves. She is truly your own personal trainer AND biggest supporter, all in one!


Kirsty is a huge foodie and loves showing women how life is all about balance and that you can still enjoy all the foods you love while working towards your goals!
She is a supportive coach who will cheer you on every step of the way and ensure you build sustainable habits and results for the long term.
Kirsty has experienced firsthand what it’s like to struggle with an eating disorder. She was stuck in that binge restriction cycle and never thought she’d be able to escape this, but she has proved that it is possible, and now she can support you through this as well.
Kirsty loves being part of Team Empower, as we’re all one community and here to support one another. No one is alone on their journey, and Kirsty, along with the other Team Empower coaches and clients, is here to lift you, push you and give you that motivation and accountability you need.

A fun fact about Kirsty is that she has a pet dog named Simba, after her favourite film, The Lion King!


Lizzie is a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist which allows her to provide clients with a holistic approach to health and fitness. She has a huge passion for helping others and enjoys coaching women in the gym and online!

Lizzie understands first hand how it feels to face struggles with food and exercise and feels her own journey has led her to make online coaching her true purpose! She is so dedicated to providing the right support and education to guide women on the path to success.

She truly believes that embarking on a health and fitness journey can be life changing and will support you every step of the way to ensure you succeed and reach your full potential!


Lucy is an ex figure skater and gymnast, and has always had a passion for everything health, fitness and sport! After finishing her studies, she completed her fitness qualifications and realised that this was the career path she wanted to go down. Sick of seeing constant fad diets and quick fixes after falling into this cycle herself, she quickly knew she wanted to use her knowledge and experience to help others. Her main focus is helping other women achieve their goals, fix their relationships with food and most importantly become the best version of themselves. Lucy is so grateful to be with Empower, doing what she loves and work with such an amazing team of women that promote the same values!


As a Yogi, Mel provides a very understanding, compassionate, and supportive approach to her coaching, which will allow you to achieve your goals by helping you navigate through any kind of lifestyle; be it a busy work life, mum life, studies, social or holidays; Mel can help you find the best approach to tackle your day to day, while still reaching your goals! She enjoys helping her clients create new habits that are sustainable in the long run. Mel is also eager to teach women about their menstrual cycles – how they can impact their every day, how things change, and what you can do to become the best version of yourself. Mel has Level 2 and 3 Personal Training and Level 2 in Nutrition qualifications, as well as an impressive 100 hours of Yoga experience, which enables her to provide a hugely practical and holistic approach to health and fitness and to give the best support and guidance to everyone she coaches!


Molly has been working within the fitness industry for 5 years and with Empower for two! After going through her own fat loss transformation, she decided to make a career change to help other women reach their goals. She enjoys educating females so they don’t feel overwhelmed by all of the different and false information online. She’s passionate about helping women find their confidence and get their spark back! Molly will be your best friend and cheerleader in your pocket!


Naomi is an experienced fitness coach with over 9 years of experience, and combines expertise with a dedication to empowering women on their unique paths to health and confidence!

As a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, she excels in tailoring individualised plans, and addressing both physical and mental well-being. Actively researching and integrating the latest scientific findings, she ensures Empower clients benefit from cutting-edge insights, providing them with a dynamic, evidence-based approach.

Naomi’s commitment extends beyond professional expertise; having transformed her own body and life through fitness, Naomi embodies the transformative power of a strong mindset, inspiring clients to embark on their own holistic journey toward well-being.


Tash has been in the fitness industry for over 5 years and has experience working with women both in person and online. Like many women, Tash used to find herself always comparing herself to others and really struggled with self confidence and being happy in her own skin. Through fitness, she totally transformed her self image, confidence, and she realised that her uniqueness is her superpower and she loves the idea that her potential for improvement is infinite! Tash is always working towards her best self and now her passion lies in helping other women do the same.

Through this mindset and lifestyle change, Tash also achieved her Pro Status in her first ever bikini competition earlier this year!