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Do you feel like you’re getting nowhere with your weight loss journey? Like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t stop falling into the same old cycle of yo-yo diets and binge eating?

I know how

you feel!


My whole life, I struggled with weight and self-image issues. At school, I was known as the “fat kid”. I got bullied and suffered in silence with an eating disorder for many years. I tried every fad and quick-fix diet in the book. And none of it made me feel better about myself.

It wasn’t until I realised that fitness should be about loving your body, not hating it, that I started making real, positive change.

I realised that, yes, you can have balance. You can eat the things you love and still be healthy. Physically and mentally. And that your journey starts with kindness. Not judgement.

That’s why I started Empower. To help women avoid the mistakes I made. To stop swinging from one extreme to the other. To discover that a sustained, healthy lifestyle can actually be easy. Effortless. Even fun!




Rosa has worked within the fitness industry for six years and is passionate about helping women feel confident within themselves!
Rosa is a supportive coach and Team Leader & believes that your coaching journey should be enjoyable and sustainable! She enjoys helping busy women get into a solid schedule and healthy routine while still being able to enjoy life. With experience working with women in person and online, Rosa will support you at every step of your journey toward your fitness goals!
Rosa has an honours degree in Sports & Exercise Science and six years of experience coaching women in the gym and online.

“I love being a part of Team Empower because working alongside like-minded women who all have the same goal – to EMPOWER women to reach their full potential, is so rewarding.”


Jasmine has been working with Empower for over two years and is now a Team Leader – helping to manage the Empower team and coach clients, which is her ultimate passion.
Jasmine used to be a previous Empower client who underwent her own incredible fat loss and muscle-building transformation that inspired her to end her 12-year career in the beauty industry to retrain and become a fitness and nutritionist coach with Empower! She is constantly expanding her knowledge with further education towards nutrition and fitness, which she enjoys relaying and applying to each of her clients.
Jasmine views coaching as an opportunity to work towards your goals and get results and as an educational experience; she wants to help her clients better understand food and its nutritional values.

Her ethos is self-love and confidence, which she felt she gained from being a client herself, and Jasmine is passionate about making others feel this way too!


Imogen has always lived a very active lifestyle. She initially trained as a progressional dancer and has been dancing since she was five. After becoming significantly underweight, she started on her weight-gain journey. Going through such a journey herself, she can resonate with her clients on their journeys and support them every step of the way!
After gaining her Level 2 and 3 Pt, Level 4 Exercise Referral, and Outdoor Fitness qualifications, Imogen started working as a 1-1 personal trainer and teaching various classes daily. Imogen has a huge passion for fitness and helping others, so she is always a super enthusiastic coach for every one of her clients.
Imogen loves being a part of team Empower because she loves helping people and guiding them on their health and fitness journey. Imogen could not see herself in any other job. She loves empowering females and helping them to become the most confident, healthy, and best versions of themselves.
Imogen has always found passion in helping others. Her satisfaction comes from seeing success in the people she coaches, and she truly builds a close relationship with every female she works with and will be by your side right from the start. She is your cheerleader, motivator, and coach all in one!


As a Yogi, Mel provides a very understanding, compassionate, and supportive approach to her coaching, which will allow you to achieve your goals by helping you navigate through any kind of lifestyle; be it a busy work life, mum life, studies, social or holidays; Mel can help you find the best approach to tackle your day to day, while still reaching your goals! She enjoys helping her clients create new habits that are sustainable in the long run. Mel is also eager to teach women about their menstrual cycles – how they can impact their every day, how things change, and what you can do to become the best version of yourself. Mel has Level 2 and 3 Personal Training and Level 2 in Nutrition qualifications, as well as an impressive 100 hours of Yoga experience, which enables her to provide a hugely practical and holistic approach to health and fitness and to give the best support and guidance to everyone she coaches!


Tash has always been active, from starting to dance at an early age, getting involved with sports at school, and studying Musical Theatre (dance) at Uni. Her hard work, enjoyment, compassion, and relatability make her an enthusiastic coach – she will always be your biggest cheerleader! She believes in consistency over perfection and strives for a sustainable lifestyle and self-love. Tash graduated from University in 2020 and joined Empower in March 2021 after taking different nutrition and PT courses and furthering her knowledge through experience. She has great success with clients with all fitness and lifestyle goals, but has a specialism and passion for working with clients battling eating disorders. Tash loves being part of a team of women, celebrating and empowering other women to look and feel their best!

A fun fact about Tash is that she’s 4’10, so she knows the short girl gym struggles!


Holly has a Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science and has also completed accredited courses in Nutrition for Women Across the Lifespan and Mental Health First Aid. Her love for sport began from an early age through her Gymnastics, but studying the science behind sports at University has made it her passion!
Her approach to coaching is built upon kindness, integrity, and trust so that you feel safe and supported in your journey! She loves being part of Empower because she loves being able to help others push their limits and achieve their full potential!

A fun fact about Holly is she has climbed Kilimanjaro!


Kirsty is a huge foodie and loves showing women how life is all about balance and that you can still enjoy all the foods you love while working towards your goals!
She is a supportive coach who will cheer you on every step of the way and ensure you build sustainable habits and results for the long term.
Kirsty has experienced firsthand what it’s like to struggle with an eating disorder. She was stuck in that binge restriction cycle and never thought she’d be able to escape this, but she has proved that it is possible, and now she can support you through this as well.
Kirsty loves being part of Team Empower, as we’re all one community and here to support one another. No one is alone on their journey, and Kirsty, along with the other Team Empower coaches and clients, is here to lift you, push you and give you that motivation and accountability you need.

A fun fact about Kirsty is that she has a pet dog named Simba, after her favourite film, The Lion King!